Our services include the entire process of gathering information, and of composing and layouting texts. Our aim is to create an ultimaltely convincing, motivating and intriguing/ entertaining text for our clients. The final texts should express the thoughts, ideas, intentions, research results and/ or the image of our clients in the best possible way. We ensure that your lectures, letters, applications, requests, websites, biographies, or presentations are written to the highest standards.

We also ensure that we are operating strictly in accordance with the requirements of the German law (no illegal ghostwriting).

Our writing services include:

Gathering information

We offer to design and perform qualitative focus groups or in-depth interviews on pre-defined topics whenever required.
(Please find more details under Moderation).

Audio transcription

You hand over your audio tapes and the final data will be delivered to you in writing – either in detail or as a written summary.

Conceptualizing & composing texts

We ensure to transform any data, information, pre-defined contents and intentions into consistent and target-group related texts.


We will write your texts for you – based on detailed briefings on topic and intention as well as on a viewing of material already collected.

We are operating strictly in accordance with German law: we will therefore refuse to write any piece to be submitted to receive an academic title.

Desk research

We take over secondary research for you – for any intelligence or data that already exists on the internet. Thus, we can save you some legwork and provide you with a lot of extremely useful information that will help you to make informed decisions.

The data will be presented to you in written form - either as a summary, expertise or presentation.

Information processing

We assess, process and interpret your qualitative data and will provide you with a detailed report or a brief summary, depending on your individual requirements.

We offer all services named above in German or in English.

Writing presentations

You hand over your data or define, what kind of information you need to be collected or researched.

We gather and structure your data and neatly present it on presentation charts.

Preparing expert opinions

We prepare and set up the text for your qualitative expert opinion, based on data/ information you either pass on to us beforehand or require us to collect and research ourselves.


All documents, information and personal data you give me access to will be treated as strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will they be passed on to third parties, unless I am explicitely allowed or commissioned to.

I will gladly draw up / issue a written confidentiality agreement, if you should wish me to do so.

Full discretion, reliability and loyalty to my customers can be taken for granted. Before, during/ whilst and after working on your documents I may want to communicate with you via phone or e-mail, in order to clarify any unresolved issues.

semanti:con  Martina Schweitzer   fon +49 40 39 90 79 31   mobil +49 172 155 73 01   moc.noc-itnames@reztiewhcs.m
semanti:con  Martina Schweitzer   fon +49 40 39 90 79 31   mobil +49 172 155 73 01   moc.noc-itnames@reztiewhcs.m