Language Training

  • You have recently moved to Germany and would like to learn German.
  • You and your family would like to have some language support when it comes to coping with the daily challenges everyday life in Germany may hold for.
  • You are thinking of moving abroad and would like to brush up your English before you go.
  • You work in a mainly English-speaking environment and would like to learn the language.

For years now, I have been working successfully with customers from all walks of life who have come to Germany for professional or private reasons and would now like to settle in properly and learn about German language and culture. Expats and their families will receive customized language training, matched to individual needs and levels of knowledge. Full support will be offered regarding linguistic and social integration into everyday life in Germany,

I have many years of experience in teaching English to customers who are planning to move abroad or whose job or professional environment requires some knowledge of English. I have also been teaching children from 3-6 years (pre-school), teens, adults and seniors who just wanted to learn the language or improve their English.

Learning situation

I offer both individual courses (121) and small group tuition (4 students max.).

As a rule, my teaching is based on face-to-face meetings and supported by workbooks or photocopied material, flip charts or whiteboards (if available). Photocopied material will be provided.

These arrangements allow me to adapt to each customers’ individual needs – i.e. previous knowledge, personal circumstances and requirements, interests and suggestions - and service these in the best possible way.

Specific linguistic as well as intercultural communication concepts will be drawn up when required to enhance the process of settling in. Blended-learning concepts are also available. 


I gladly offer tuition on site. I will give lessons on your company’s premises or else at your home, if that should be more convenient. This arrangement has the advantage of saving you travelling time and costs and allows you to be more flexible in your scheduling. Especially for families and kids it has proved to be useful and energy-saving. Additional costs for you would only incur in case your company or home is located outside the Greater Hamburg area.

I would love to continue with you because you are awesome and certainly the best teacher that I have had to date since living in Germany...
Martina is great with the kids. We love her and want to keep her as long as possible.
semanti:con  Martina Schweitzer   fon +49 40 39 90 79 31   mobil +49 172 155 73 01   moc.noc-itnames@reztiewhcs.m
semanti:con  Martina Schweitzer   fon +49 40 39 90 79 31   mobil +49 172 155 73 01   moc.noc-itnames@reztiewhcs.m