If you have ever written a lengthy piece yourself, you will know from experience how hard it is to see mistakes in your own writing. You rather see what you intended to write, and not what you actually did write. For that reason it is inevitable – at least with pieces that have to be published or submitted – to hand your work over to someone else who can competently spot and remove those errors for you. We ensure that your essays, dissertations, theses, research papers, business plans, letters, websites, biographies, books or presentations are written to the highest standards.

Our professional proofreading service provides a linguistic as well as stylistic review of any text. We check and correct your grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as the formatting and the editorial style of references, abbreviations and other elements of your writing. We create a consistent style where that should be deficient and support clear phrasing and concise argumentation. This makes your writing more fluent and readable. Our proofreading ensures that your work puts your ideas across effectively, clearly and in perfect German. We will also check your tables and footnotes as well as the consistency of your bibliography to make sure that you submit a professional-looking piece of writing. In short: our aim is to improve the overall impression of your text.

Our services include:

Copy & Language Editing

  • correcting all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • correcting all typographical errors
  • reviewing and improving style and choice of vocab of the text with regard to the required register
  • reviewing the text with special focus on readability, structure and precision of arguments/ narrative
  • reviewing and improving clarity and focus of the text
  • reviewing and improving the layout with regard to a uniform appearance
  • creating and integrating diagrams and graphs

... ensuring a correct and consistent bibliography according to highest academic standards.


  • correcting all spelling mistakes
  • correcting all grammar mistakes
  • correcting punctuation
  • correcting all typographical errors

... according to the latest German spelling reform.

semanti:con  Martina Schweitzer   fon +49 40 39 90 79 31   mobil +49 172 155 73 01   moc.noc-itnames@reztiewhcs.m
semanti:con  Martina Schweitzer   fon +49 40 39 90 79 31   mobil +49 172 155 73 01   moc.noc-itnames@reztiewhcs.m